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We all have something to give, whether that's our time, resources, or talents! We love investing in our local community here in Dallas and are challenging ourselves to give back as much as we can and in as many ways as we can, and we'd love y'all to join us!


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my mom beat cancer!

Happy Tornado Day! 👯‍♀️  If ya missed it we made today a familial holiday to celebrate Tornado. 🎉  If you're super new Tornado is my mom’s nickname. Cuz she’s cray. 🤪   It’s been a minute since I have seen my mom laugh. Heck it’s been a second since I have even seen her even smile. 😔  Cancer is the absolute worst.  ...But after 8 grueling weeks of challenges I feel like Tornado is finally feelin’ herself again. 💃  She kicked cancer right in the TUSH. We wanted to make today real special to celebrate. When ya go through cancer in the family it instantly creates a bond with thousands of others who have gone through the same. 💪🏻 
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If you have a cause close to your heart, submit a story to us using the form below! We can't respond to every request, but we'd love to hear if you know of someone deserving of a little extra love!

ways to volunteer

Consider this your guide to places you can volunteer your time locally in Dallas, as well as nationwide! We're all in this together.


Specializes in getting people out of trafficking and bringing hope and safety!
(817) 575-9923



Minnie's Food Pantry has provided over 15 million healthy meals to families in need!
(972) 596-0253



My Aunt Tia's dog rescue! She helps save hundreds of dogs from life on the streets.

Fill out contact form on site to volunteer!