Get Ready to Be Red Pilled

The Crypto Codex Advanced is a continuing education program. As long as we have students we will happily keep teaching, adding content and help to make the new generation of wealthy Crypto investors.

The Crypto Codex Advanced Perks Include:
– Everything our Newbie group has access to (Newbie telegram chat, at least 1 live call a month, access to Newbie course)
– Codex Advanced telegram group chat
– 1 Detailed/instructional powerpoint Crypto Codex Advanced live strategy call per month
– 1 ama (ask me anything) live call per month
– Access to all the prior Codex Advanced calls
– Hot picks channel (coins likely to move up in the short-long term including degen plays for faster gains)
– Buy and sell signal channel (Realtime signals of when Marc/team is trading specific coins coming by mid-end of June)
– Access to a new advanced crypto course we are currently remaking and upgrading overtime with additional strategies to grow your portfolio in the short, mid and long term. (Strategies include a deep dive into privacy coins, botting, trading small caps, arbitrage, mining, lending as well as advanced defi plays, yield farming, nfts and high yield staking strategies).
– 50% off your FIRST private coaching session with Morpheus
(Morpheus will create a personalized path/strategy through crypto for you but it is recommended to at least finish all Newbie content before taking advantage of this offer.

* Ongoing monthly private and personalized coaching packages are also available. 

Choose the Crypto Codex plan that suits you best. You can pay monthly, annually or even a one time only lifetime price.

Crypto Codex Monthly Plan


  • Full access to The Crypto Codex
  • Paid on a Recurring Monthly Basis
  • Pause and Resume Your Subscription Anytime

Crypto Codex Lifetime Plan


  • Full Access to the Crypto Codex
  • 1 Off Payment – Never Pay Again
  • Indefinite Access To Our Ongoing Content And Future Utilities

Our Clients Results:

David Avocado Wolfe

Crypto Portfolio Up 4X!
Thanks to Marc Goldman and Defund the Matrix…My Crypto’s are up 4+ times!!